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November 2011


Race Engineering owner and founder Bob Thornton has decided to retire from the lead driver position for the Race Engineering team. After years of continued success and growth at Race Engineering, Bob has made the decision to stop racing Spec Miatas and put 100% of his time and energy into the further engine development and race program for Race Engineering and our Race Engineering customers.

Bob has always taken great pride in giving Race Engineering customers strong engines and outstanding service. Obviously, racing takes a great amount of time and energy. Now, Bob will be able to put all that extra time and energy into building even stronger more powerful championship winning engines for the Spec Miata class and Mazda’s in general.

“I want to better serve all Race Engineering customers and take R&D to a whole new level. We are making some big changes to our shop with some double throw down state of the art HAAS CNC equipment for some serious R&D and improvements for the years to come. To commit that kind of time and energy doesn’t leave any room for racing. My Race Engineering sponsored drivers and customers is where my heart is and I feel it is best to dedicate myself to building on our continued success and achieving a new level of excellence for my customers”.

You will still see Bob at the track just as much, but he won’t be racing with you anymore. “We will still be there to support our customers and enjoy the company of the so very many incredible friends we have made through Spec Miata and the SCCA. Some of my fiercest on track rivalries have turned into some of the best friendships I could ever wish for. We have been blessed to meet and know such incredible people as the Spec Miata racing family.” Bob would like to especially thank our customers for their continued support. It has been with their help and satisfaction that Race Engineering has grown into the company it is today. And for this my friends I thank you.

-Bob Thornton
(Previous Owner), Race Engineering

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